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This is me doing stand-up so…I’ll update this section with 1 special video (see to the right). Again, this is the section where you’ll find 1 very special video of me doing stand-up (I added very special here so that you watch it). Then, you can click on the button below that reads “Watch More” if you want to watch more videos (that’s why I labeled it WATCH MORE to make it easy!) If you don’t fancy stand-up, then this is NOT the section for you. Maybe you’ll like the podcast section below better…

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For those who prefer to listen to content, this is your section! Currently, I run a podcast called "Way Off Broadway" with my daughter Eden who is a self-proclaimed theater nerd (is it theater or theatre???). We review performances of top musicals from community theater, schools, we even did a cruise ship version of Grease. The latest episodes are below or you can access all episodes at: https://wayoffbroadway.buzzsprout.com/

About Hi! I'm Dave Arena

Stand-Up Comic. Comedic Actor. Writer.

I live in NYC with my MUA wife (MUA stands for Make-Up Artist in the “biz” for those not in the know) and 2 daughters. My 3rd daughter is at college. I once went to a Spice Girls concert by myself cause nobody would go with me.

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